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R.P. Machine can provide service for all types of gear machinery, and other metal cutting machinery. We tailor every service call to fit our customer's needs. Larger, more in-depth projects can be sent to our modern state-of-the-art facility, or our experienced technicians can perform service in your facility.

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Preventative Maintenance is the first step to keeping your machinery running longer and cutting efficiently. We offer custom preventative service plans to fit not only your specific machinery, but also how you use that machinery. These plans are designed to lower machine downtime, prevent the failure of parts, and reduce equipment downtime. We will be able to predict and forecast the need to replace worn parts before you experience a machine failure.

Gear Machine ReconditioningRebuilding and Reconditioning machines is a great way to ensure you get the longest lifespan out of your machine. We can breathe new life into your worn out machine, or offer a machine that has already been reconditioned to your specifications. There are many levels of reconditioning, giving you options to stay within a budget. This type of service is best performed in our facility, however we have special teams we can send to your facility for larger machinetools in excess of 1 meter capacity that can be too costly to ship offsite.

Machine CalibrationMachine Calibration is critical in order to keep the quality of your parts as well as continued part consistency. Over time, the moving parts of a machine have a tendency to shift or loosen, causing tolerance problems. Our recalibration service is the perfect choice for out of alignment machines, especially if the machine is still in good working condition.

Machine ScrapingCorrective Service is time critical when your machine is damaged from internal part failure. We can access the full extent of damage, supply or source replacement parts, finalize the repair to get your machine back up and running. During the evaluation, if we find the damage to be excessive, we can recommend options for reconditioning your machine so you get the most for your money.

Fanuc CNC ControlRetrofitting older machines with new technology is designed to increase the precision of a machine and many times reduce the time it takes to produce a part. Retrofits can range from simply upgrading internal parts or adding a digital read out system; or can be as complex as installing a complete CNC automation system. CNC retrofitting can easily increase daily production and free up operator labor hours. Click Here to see more information on our common CNC retrofitting projects. Request A Quote

Machine RelocationMachine relocation has become quite common with the economic changes within the machinetool industry. We have the capabilities and experience to relocate machines of all sizes, whether moving to another facility floor or to move into long term storage. We take care to disassembly machines properly and protect all critical surfaces and components for shipment. We can even coordinate the logistics and rigging for the entire project.

Gear Machine TrainingTraining and process efficiency is just as important as having the right machine for the job. If you are new to gear production, cutting a new type of part, or transitioning between mechanical and CNC machines then our service personnel can bring your staff up to speed for your specific needs. We can also help your process efficiency by evaluating your cycle times, tooling, fixtures, and even programming. End result can increase your profitability by increasing daily production, lengthening cutter life, as well as machine life.

Everyone on our staff, from the person who answers the first phone call, to our technicians and sales staff, is committed to giving you the best possible service. We strive on making your experience with RP Machine a positive one. Contact Us today to discuss your project!

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